Lara 梁心頤再度力邀金曲製造機-音樂製作人JerryC,量身打造全新單曲〈戒掉你〉;『如果要唱情歌,我想唱我這個階段最有共鳴的主題』,兩人多年默契下, Lara大膽嘗試不同以往的深情聲線,自然流露擁有成熟愛情觀的真實內在。不管男人女人,每一段投入自我卻沒有未來的關係,走不下去的痛以及那些思念成癮,重新找回放手的勇氣,與彼此、與自己真正和解;當回憶太過疼痛,唯有戒掉你,才能堅強,即使沒有彼此,我們仍要勇敢繼續尋找幸福。因為戒掉你,才算勇敢。

Lara’s new single ‘Quitting U’ is a melodic ballad produced by renowned musician JerryC. The song expresses the struggles of getting out of a relationship that can no longer go on. Sometimes, both parties have exhausted every effort and things still remain unresolved and there’s no reason to continue down a path that hurts you both. Lara herself has been through a lot in the past few years and ‘Quitting U’ reflects the rollercoaster of emotions that she’s been through. With this song, she hopes that everyone finds the courage to let go of toxic relationships. Because quitting you, that’s the bravest thing to do.


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